Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Netbook Reflecton 2013

Plus: Learn a lot more, research ,copy and paste ,online games ,blogger ,bigger audience ,google material ,using gedit, webcam ,photo ,folders ,organise, google docs ,programmes.
Minus: Slow internet, not working, long time to repair, problem connecting, stealing netbook.
Interest: Play music during breaks, games, homework, youtube. Cool math games.
Introduction: Ever since last year when I was a year 7 we didn’t have any netbooks and when I got my netbook I was glad. I like my netbook becauseits being fun working on my netbook.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Thank you Mr Horan

Tamaki Intermediate School
80A Tripoli Road

20th September 2012

The Principal
Tamaki Intermediate

Dear Mr Horan

Hi, my name is Tina and  I am in room 8.Thank you for taking us on a trip to Wellington.
I was excited to go on a plane but everybody was so scared when we went up in the air.It was so beautiful when we flew over the sea and the clouds.Everything was so pretty.

Thank you for arranging the accommodation where we could sleep.The walk around Wellington showed us some great buildings and designs.The ferry was sort of cool.The Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry was huge.Some of us and the teachers got sick on the boat.

The Beehive was great.It was interesting to learn about Parliament and how they make laws.We stood in the media room where John Key is interviewed.It was also interesting to know that the Queen of England comes and visits the parliament.I really liked the white furry wig that the judge was wearing.I hope to see the Queen one day.

On Thursday we went to the Weta Cave and watched a movie.I learnt about how they design the costumes for the movies and the scary faces on Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter and the other scary movies.

I wish I could go back on a plane one day.

Yours sincerely


Friday, 11 May 2012


For the past few days constable Taina came into room 8’s classroom.When she first walked in we were all shocked, She was wearing her police uniform but she came in, introduced herself and told every single one of us what she does and how  she likes her job. She works at the police station. She told us to stand up and then she said," Whoever has taken drugs can sit down,” The class wasn't sure if they took drugs so we all sat down.  One person remained standing. Constable Taina said,  “Haven't you taken paracetamol?" I didn't  know that paracetamol is a legal drug. So today our focus was on the different types of drugs. I have learnt about legal and illegal drugs.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Hi my name is Tina and am 12 years. I'm a year 8 student at Tamaki Intermediate School.My hobbies are playing with my friends,learning and lots of other more stuff. I am proud that I have my own blog.When I grow up I want to be a hairstylist. I  hope you enjoy my blog.